Who we Are


The Manji Family comes from a long tradition of community service…. the tenet to serve the underprivileged members of our society is instilled in our family when one is still a toddler so that this becomes a virtue rather than a burden.

The Manji family strongly believes that education is the key to a better life and has, for many years now, concentrated its efforts towards ensuring our children are empowered with this important tool – education.

We believe that an educated child will change their own life, of their family’s and of those around them. Besides providing financial support from our personal resources we take much delight to spend positive time with these children to help build their confidence and encourage them to excel in their aspirations to succeed.

In partnership with Twiga Tours Ltd., we have extended an exclusive opportunity to all of our their visiting guests to visit the schools and interact with these children. This had a twofold effect; one, the children were exposed to and became confident to varied cultures as our visiting guests are of different nationalities and, two, led to requests from our ever increasing number of visiting guests who wanted to participate in our efforts to assist school age children to achieve their dream of securing good education. The family acceded to these constant requests to allow our visiting guests to participate, but first, this activity had to be formalised into a legal charitable trust so that any assistance received was above board, totally transparent, accountable and every project we support would derive full benefit of all such assistance without any deductions whatsoever.

Today, the scope of our assistance to these needy children’s hopes and aspirations continues to expand and, the family is deeply grateful to all our visiting guests who have chosen to support our humble and noble cause.

our missions

We empower Chilidren through Education. This change is sustained all year round through the Manji Foundation Schools program which nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create transformative social change.

Build School Facilities

Development of Facilities e.g. additional Classrooms, Dormitories and Evolution Blocks

Empower Children

Empower Children’s through donation of Learning Materials, desks, Stationary, Uniforms etc.

Empower Teachers

Contribution of Teachers monthly Salaries and Expenses for these schools.


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