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Millions of children in Africa are malnourished and at risk of starvation. Harsh climate and poor crops are adding to the food shortage, making it even more difficult for families to feed their children. Displaced families have been unable to farm or feed their livestock, and food prices have risen significantly.

The good news: Your gift today will multiply 5X in impact to provide life-saving food, clean water, agricultural support, and other essential care to hungry children and families across Africa, including those suffering from drought and crisis.

Imagine being the parent of a hungry child, desperately searching for help while your baby weakens, unable to provide the food and care he or she urgently needs. This story is all too common in Africa, where the numbers of severely malnourished children continue to increase.

We support food program in Africa schools by providing descent meals and 2 snacks in the morning and afternoon.

You can help with a gift today. When combined with grant funds, your gift will have 5 times the impact to help children and families throughout Africa.

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